when Dm’s were sent by horse

From looking back and observing that the way we communicate has progressed and evolved it’s clear that as we separated from a material process of sending messages, we were faced with not only more accessible ways of communicating, but faster. As Felix Stalder explains that information exchange is no longer about “materials – soil, houses, or any other tangible form of atoms – but intangible flows of information produced by and processed through media.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 10.01.33 am

The image I made is a demonstration of how the increased immediacy of the way we communicate through the internet has changed the way we live our lives. As technology gradually progressed and sent information faster, we have less time to be reflective of the information we receive. We now live in a world where there is a constant in and out flow of information, which in some instances can be seen as trivial. But what it also does is incorporate “new capabilities, adapting to the fast-paced changes of the Internet.” Which means the way we communicate will continue to evolve at an even faster pace, rapidly moving away from DM’s send by horse.

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