opinion piece and reflection: sleep study

Through learning about and producing my very own research project, I’ve discovered the importance of information and information exchange. Through making observations, searching further and making your own claims with presentation of proof is the most effective way of discussing issues and calling on action in order to improve all aspects of our society and lives.

By conducting research on an issue that is very personal and real to me, I learnt that so many other university students experience the same struggles as me in relation to sleep habits. Learning how to conduct this research ethically and respectfully through surveys was rewarding as I felt I was obtaining such useful information with such a low risk of harm to the people helping me with my research and discoveries. Seeing the survey results come in was satisfying, as the answers highlighted that there was certainly an issue that should be addressed, and action can be made in order to help everyone who is experiencing similar struggles with sleep problems. Something that came as a surprise to me was that the most negative influence on our sleep quality was mobile phone usage, in which usage can be easily altered as opposed to other factors including our employment and education. However, this also stood out as a challenge, as mobile phone usage has predominantly been frowned upon in society, being accused as detrimental to so many aspects of our being. So, if I was to present reducing mobile phone use as a solution to sleep problems, I was risking placing my opinion in the large pool of other comments shutting down technology which are so easily ignored nowadays due to the volume.

When considering this, I’m faced with how hard it is to persuade the public away from what they already think about certain issues, what I learnt is that it’s a lot harder than it looks. I enjoyed creating my opinion piece, making simple drawings to illustrate my thoughts when presenting the most important stats that came from my research. Looking back, I wish I made a follow-up survey to respond to the questions that required more investigation and to remove questions that didn’t contribute much to the bigger picture, this could of resulted in me having more findings and being able to present more ideas.

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