speaking of where I’m from – Sound Project

As Matthew Mullane claims, “By encouraging an active listening relationship with one’s space, effective sound-based artwork enlivens the seemingly prosaic, underlining the inherent aesthetic potential of common experiences.” Through my sound piece I aim to create this “aesthetic potential” by exploring the sounds that are so often overlooked due to the regular day-to-day cycle that they occur in and intensifying them through introducing layering. By using these everyday sounds, I created a piece that contrasts rest to work, as these sounds travel in and out of a dream like state, highlighting sounds that occur naturally and ones that are a consequence to activity.

Where I’m From

Where I’m From from Emma Moser on Vimeo.

“I am from the edge of the bush

grass cuts under my feet

chlorine and saltwater”

George Ella Lyon described her poem’s life beyond her notebook as “a testimony to the power of poetry, of roots, and of teachers”, the power of this poem also gives a prompt for creators to explore and express where they are from, and what elements of their home has formed them as a person through many different media forms.

Through this film I captured some of the elements of my home that I explored when I was younger, using my imagination to have fun. The same trees I ran around, and the grass beneath my feet overtime became my escape into procrastination, as my home is surrounded by such beautiful nature. It has always been my safe haven. Using match cuts and subtle continuation shots I conveyed a pattern I notice in my own home, there’s a certain sensation of repetition and connectedness I feel in my day-to-day life, as my home is the place where I go through my daily routines.