you’re doing amazing, sweetie – peer beta commentary

Following the feedback I received from the first part of this assessment, I looked forward to using my improved understanding of subject material through my live-tweeting to encourage my peers to continue their future focus in their own digital artefacts. Feedback from Meg also mentioned I did a good job of providing useful resources and constructive criticism, which I continued doing in these comments. Additionally, I noticed that I was able to maintain the ability to use my own experience of researching similar topics in past BCM subjects to discuss the peer’s own project. This felt rewarding as this being my final BCM subject, it proves how valuable and applicable BCM subject content is to a large range of projects.

Lauren Qualyle-Blake


Lauren’s DA is the development of the dating app “Whim”, which focuses on user safety through identification verification and venue partnership.

My recommendations included:

  • Researching how to ask effective survey questions to collect accurate data
  • Researching why people lie about themselves on dating apps
  • Treating Tinder as a market competitor
  • Considering when to update user identification verification
  • Whether identification verification will be managed by humans or AI, referred to lecture material
  • Reflection

I am confident I have been consistent in providing interesting background research for my peers to follow up on. However, I think my improvement in understanding subject content has allowed me to provide more relevant feedback to the future focus. Hopefully this more relevant content will help my peers in improving their own future focus, leading to more success in their DA. It was also refreshing that I was able to provide advice regarding the survey from both my own DA experience when creating club expression of interest forms, as well as from past BCM subjects. 


Carman, A 2020 ‘Tinder will give you a verified blue check mark if you pass its catfishing test’ in The Verge, January 23rd

Makridakis, S 2017 ‘The Forthcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution: Its Impact on Society and Firms’ in Futures, Vol. 90, June pp.46-60

SurveyMonkey ‘Writing good survey questions’ in SurveyMonkey, blog

Lia Kim


Lia’s digital artefact aims to explore the future of fashion through the study of speculative fashion in media and how it can impact current behaviour.

My recommendations included:

  • Recommending material on futurists who focus on environmental, technology and design when considering the future of fashion, referring to lecture material
  • Consider fashion design as a social responsibility, referring to lecture material

Her reflection on subject content and the future focus improved significantly as demonstrated in her presentation. Due to this, I decided to suggest a very specific area for her to further research to develop her DA focus. I included sources I have researched myself and am more familiar with to effectively connect it to the future focus. Again, I noticed an improvement with connecting back to the future focus compared to my pitch comments, and enjoy that I’m also able to discuss topics that I have researched in previous BCM subjects, like my study of fast fashion.


Joachim, M 2021 ‘Don’t build your home, grow it!’ in TED, video

Masini, E 1982 ‘Reconceptualizing Futures: A Need and a Hope’ in World Future Society Bulletin, v16 n6 p1-8 Nov-Dec

Alicia McFadden


Alicia’s DA is a three-part video series on the future of shopping using AR and VR technology. 

My recommendations included:

  • Using LinkedIn to promote her videos and connect with industry professionals
  • Discussing the pros/cons of this technology adoption by reflecting on the representations of cyberculture in subject material
  • Considering this technology adoption as contribution to our future as cyborgs, referring to lecture material 

I, again, was super happy to be able to refer Alicia to a past project I worked on which was a digital artefact pitching an AR clothes try-on app and relate it to the future focus of BCM325. I also put extra thought into this comment when considering methods she could employ to ensure her DA reaches her intended audience, as this made me realise my past peer commentary focussed on improving the DA content, and less on ensuring it reaches an engaged audience successfully. Even though she did cover lecture material in her presentation, I think it’s important for her to consider her DA under the theory of cyborgs, as this will help her answer some of the questions I posed to her in my comment regarding the pros and cons of technology adoption. 


McLuhan, M 1994 Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, Penguin

National Geographic Society 2019 ‘Anthropocene’ in National Geographic, encyclopedic entry, June 7


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