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Contextual Essay

Due to my founding presidency of the UOW Visual Arts Society – my digital artefact rapidly evolved into the management of the club’s digital marketing.

My DA’s future focus is based on the short-term future, asking two questions:

  1. How can I use social media platforms to recruit and engage club members?
  2. How can I develop a consistent social media brand that can be passed on to future executives to ensure club survival?

The first part of my prototyping was adjusting to the process of content creation for the club. I am now utilising what I have learned, and the mistakes I have made, to begin producing a marketing plan / guideline to pass on to future executives following my graduation at the end of the year. This marketing plan will be the final component of my DA, supported by all the clubs social platforms. The significance of this marketing plan is to ensure the club’s branding remains consistent and achievable. I want the guide to allow future executives to continue digital marketing with ease, by using the resource as a template that has already made all of the more boring, technical and logistical decisions for them. This allows them to focus on the creative, engaging side of content creation.


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8 thoughts on “feeling beta than ever – UOW Visual Arts Society DA

  1. I like your DA project very much. To maintain a club, it needs new enthusiasm and ideas to attract more students to join. I found in this article(https://www.canva.com/learn/10-ways-to-market-your-student-club-on-campus/ ) that you have already done the first few items, and I think you can start with the last two items based on the recommendations of this article. I think you can find some campus influencers. People with a large fan base will post a social post that will attract a lot of people’s attention. Seeking their help to publish club activities may attract more UOW students to participate, which will make your club more popular. Use the purpose of your club to combine current events and popular elements to publish videos, photos, and articles to attract more campus followers. If the updated content is related to recent events or popular elements, it will attract many followers to join the community, and they will think that they are keeping pace with the popular trends.
    I am proud and happy to see that you are really working hard to find breakthroughs for the club and find ways to get more members in the club!


  2. Hi Emma,

    Congratulations on becoming the new president of the UOW Visual Arts Society and have adapted quickly to a new digital artefact project. I’m keen to see the content and this plan put to use. I found in this YouTube video from one of my favourite social marketing personas Gary V is one of the greats in creating a successful digital social media presence as well as creating a successful online.

    The main piece of advice that I take away from Gary is to sell a personality before a product or service in which could bring more people to this club

    The main piece of advice that I take away from Gary is to sell a personality before a product or service in which could bring more people to this club

    Your digital artefact sounds so interesting, and I can’t wait to see more! Well done!


  3. Dear Emma,

    Firstly, well done on how far you have come with your DA! It is admirable when a student can balance uni life along with running a society such as the Visual Arts Society. I believe that you have clearly outlined your goal in this, and that your beta video highlights your concept and the process in which you will undertake to complete your DA project. I believe that using your marketing plans, this DA shows a very clear social utility. The only thing that I could critique is that you needed to relate a bit more back to the subject, however overall, I believe that your project has yielded great results and will continue to do so. Awesome work!

    Madeline Williams


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