you can put that crystal ball down now – pitch peer commentary

Crystal Ball Halloween Sticker By Moli Fernyx

By applying the knowledge I have developed through the weekly lectures and screenings, I have begun to form a foundational understanding of how we can use media to predict the future. At last, I can put my crystal ball down.

Through the development of my own digital artefact and after viewing my peers’ pitches, it is fascinating to see the wide range of themes and topics we can predict the future of. Commenting on my peers’ pitches allowed me to draw comparisons and consider new aspects of future studies.

James’ digital artefact is an exploration of sports technology, and the concerns that the advancement of officiating technology is robbing sports of its “organic, uninterrupted beauty”.

James’ pitch:

My comment:

I wanted to take the opportunity to mention theories I am researching for my own DA and suggest James has a look at them himself. It’s interesting and exciting to see that two very different themes can undergo the same philosophical research and I look forward to seeing if he gets anything out of looking into the Paradox of Choice, coined by Barry Schwartz.

Recommended source:

I also wanted to mention some lecture material that he could benefit from researching as his pitch could have been elevated with engagement in background research. His theme has a strong underpinning of surveillance themes. Even though it isn’t in the political, societal lens it is usually critiqued under, he could benefit from researching how surveillance has been used (and abused) and how power structures form from this technology, using the consequences of this to predict what could happen in the future of sport. I specifically recommended George Orwell’s 1984 as this novel has been praised for predicting the future so accurately.

Recommended source:

Sean’s digital artefact is an ongoing work of his brand Aquilah Productions, which is an adventure photography and videography page he has been working on since year 12. Sean’s objective is to increase engagement on his socials and ensure his brand has longevity in order to develop his career in the future.

Sean’s pitch:

My comment:

Sean’s digital artefact pitch has a strong business focus, with his research being on brand longevity and his objectives being based on audience engagement. He mentioned he struggled to find relevant research sources which led me to providing him with a resource on the importance of developing buyer personas when undergoing digital marketing. I recommended researching buyer personas as this will help Sean find the “likeminded people” he’s searching for and creating a persona will help him locate them on digital platforms in order to promote his page to them.

Recommended source:

Even though Sean’s pitch and my recommendations have a strong business focus, future studies theory can be implemented in this research as goal and objective setting is vital to marketing. I recommended he researches Bell’s three futures: the possible, the probable and the preferable, and considers them when thinking of his own brand. By comparing the probable and preferable, he will hopefully gain understanding of what is within his control and use these predictions to make marketing decisions in his favour.

Recommended source:

Michaela’s digital artefact is creating content and developing a business plan for the UOWDMS TikTok. I chose to comment on Michaela’s pitch after one of my assigned peers didn’t provide a link. I was drawn to her DA as I am starting out on TikTok myself and am also in the process of starting a Visual Arts Society at uni. I thought Michaela’s work could provide insight into projects I am attempting myself.

Michaela’s pitch:

My comment:

I noticed a large opportunity for Michaela to utilise the “micro-learning” culture of TikTok as a way to engage her audience. I recommended that part of her business plan could be to research what the UOWDMS members are eager to learn and develop strong short-format content on TikTok to engage her audience.

Recommended source:

Additionally, to support her longer term planning, I recommended that she researches the reason why we are drawn to short-format media. This will help predict what kind of content could be moving to platforms such as TikTok in the future in order to develop a longer term vision for the UOWDMS TikTok.

Recommended source:

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