the scariest puppet show-dark fiber

As it has been equated: PC + modem= trouble. This trouble is caused when a node within a distributed network is given power to compute and route information. This trouble is taking us into the dark, as we are entering a depressing and unclear future as to what is happening on the internet, and that the internet remembers everything.

Eugene Kaspersky described this move into darkness as “the turning point.” He explains “this is the time when we got to a really new world, because in the past there were just cyber-criminals, now I am afraid it is the time of cyber-terrorism, cyber-weapons and cyber-wars.” A part of this fear is also the increase of uncertainty and anxiety of who is influencing our thoughts on the internet. Certain military and intelligence agencies have created fake online identities nicknamed “sock puppets” in order to propagate and deceive people into complying with consensus about political issues that are discussed online through social media. This has been described as “by far the most sophisticated and highly visible online pro-regime effort” as these agencies “show a surprising ability to move within the same online spaces typically dominated by young activists.” This sophistication also arises from the attitude of “treating the Internet as another battleground in the fight for control rather than simply as a set of tools and websites to be disabled and understanding the potential utility of counter-revolutionary organizing online.


My remediation is a meme highlighting how this has caused doubt and unease involving social media use as valuable stories are supressed and public opinion and understanding of key world events are manipulated due to fake identities spreading propaganda.

2 thoughts on “the scariest puppet show-dark fiber

  1. Sock Puppets are terrifying, and there’s no simpler way to put it. Sock Puppets are what I had known as a sock, with googly eyes, a nose, some form of material as it’s hair and my mum putting on a silly voice to pretend the sock puppet isn’t her.

    It’s funny to think how similar an actual puppet made from a sock is to a Sock Puppet as an online identity. Eyes, nose, hair except instead of a silly voice, it’s deceptive and manipulative behaviour online. Sock Puppets are false, online identities intentionally used for the motive of creating deception. There is already a lot of mistrust in regard to what is published on the Internet and what we read, especially in regard to fake news. To think that we are even more unaware of what is accurate and trustworthy when there are Sock Puppets out there manipulating us and what we read online.

    Do you think we need to start to care more about what we read and learn to decipher what’s true and false?

    We need to understand where we go from here. We need to become more aware of a increasing issue thats evidently not going away anytime soon. I found this article really interesting in regard to why we should care.


  2. Hey Emma! Good job explaining this weeks topic. Great work inserting some links in there to further explain those separate concepts as well as examples. Your blog really helped me understand the “sock puppet” concept. Awesome job with this one!


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