tweeter turned journalist – bridges made of pebbles

As we shifted towards a more distributed media mode of communication and away from legacy media, consumers became prosumers, as participation is its own reward. “The emergence of such produsage is further enabled by a shift towards a more equitable media environment which allows all participants to both receive and send information, on an (almost) equal basis.” Data is growing at a 40% compound annual rate, this doesn’t just mean the amount of information is increasing, but also the speed. Industrial media feedback loops are too slow to keep up with modern media channels, mainly social media.

One example of a platform that offers news at high speeds is Twitter, with its 280-character limit, it was initially viewed as a place for meaningless, empty content, “yet as millions of devotees have discovered, Twitter turns out to have unsuspected depth.” This depth comes from how these small tweets are arranged, through the use of hashtags, posts with the same context, whether it be the based on the same event, location or topic “the sum total of those tweets added up to something truly substantive, like a suspension bridge made of pebbles.” This bridge forms a story that everyone can tell, this means the content can vary in value, “Some of that conversation is juvenile, of course, just as it was in our living room when we heckled Richard Nixon’s Checkers speech. But some of it is moving, witty, observant, subversive.” But what it does mean is that the story is being told from many angles, by many people. This citizen journalism is providing a continuous source of information and encouraging user participation, further enriching the online space.


In my remediation I created a pebbled bridge made out of the users within the #BCM206 twitter hashtag. Even though we aren’t documenting a particular event, we are functioning within a group who are telling a similar story under the same context, being what we are learning and discovering through this subject.

2 thoughts on “tweeter turned journalist – bridges made of pebbles

  1. Woah your remediation is so creative! Clearly you have put some thought into it. Twitter is a great platform no wonder it is expanding. Even though I still suck at using it, it has the potential to do some good things! Especially in relation to the topic at hand – citizen journalism. We can now create our own content and stories online. Great information Emma!


  2. You really seem to understand this weeks topic, you have described the effect of social media on journalism in an easy to understand way and used a great example of Twitter and have helped me further understand the topic as well as all the good things Twitter can be used to do! I also liked that you included so many hyperlinks so that if I wanted further information I could easily find it! 🙂


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