from records to Youtube- media ethnography

This is a photo I took at a music festival of my favourite band, Wolf Alice. I later posted this on Instagram with bragging rights. I originally started listening to them when my friend introduced them to me by sending me a link to their new album. Following that, I downloaded their music off YouTube, watched music videos and documentaries online, and joined their fanbase on social media sites such as Twitter.


Up until seeing them live the development of this huge passion of mine was completely accessible from the palm of my hand. Mobile phones, as well as other mobile devices have given us more capability than ever before. Not only is this technology moving us towards a more efficient, portable way of consuming and sharing media, but is creating a tension between more traditional media. What does it mean for record shops when I download music online? What does it mean for posters when I found out about this music festival on Facebook? What does it mean for mail services when my ticket was scanned through my phone? This rapid progression also means a lot for our personal lives, as the way we consume media is changing our behaviours and how we live. This change is fascinating, and through ethnography, which literally means “people writing”, we are able to observe, question and reflect on how media is affecting our lives.

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