gotta play em’ all! – Pokémon as a transmedia story

Pokémon was created in 1995 and since then has developed into a transmedia story, spreading across many media platforms to create a unified world of adventure. The multiple entry points and interfaces of this world has led to more points of engagement with the audience. Henry Jenkins also identifies that transmedia story telling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence. The revival of Pokémon through the release of the mobile game Pokémon Go resulted in a formation of collective intelligence, as the app held interest through the form of an augmented reality game, using GPS and real life travel and activity to play. This resulted in interest from a larger range of age groups and the development of both physical and online groups, who would play together, teaming up to achieve goals and create online resources like The Silph Road, a data base containing the latest information and tips for the game.

I created this video to show the multiple points of entry into the Pokémon story, highlighting how we play has changed dramatically, and how gaming is very much becoming online focussed, especially through content on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “gotta play em’ all! – Pokémon as a transmedia story

  1. Hey Emma,

    I loved that you incorporated your own video this really showed your audience how passionate you are about the Pokemon games, I’m inspired by your discussion about multiple entry points being the biggest reason for receiving more engagement online. However, It might be worth contemplating to mention the negative aspect of this. Even though Pokemon has been expressed as a trans-media story which essentially has brought together fans, what happens to people in the offline world when we are constantly encouraging the use of technological engagement. Does face-to-face engagement phase out? are we losing our sense of autonomy by generating the habit to forge relationships online, who knows but I do think it is just as important to express your views on possibilities as well as the foreseeable consequences.

    Hope this helps as an outside opinion 🙂

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  2. Transmedia stories is a way of explaining the one story through multiple media platforms. Pokemon does this very well. Your remediation is perfect in showing how many entry points are created and not just through the gaming side but also the tv side of it and through the toys that are also produced. However, that can be a scary thing and can be a negative aspect because everything that gets released will always continue to draw in many people. Pokemon is a massive craze that everyone wants to get around. Like when pokemon go was released the interaction between people slowly dropped because of the growth that was expected and how will people be able to connect in life when technology grows and more developed apps occur.

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  3. Your blog was really informative, linking transmedia storytelling to Pokemon was really interesting. The Pokemon Go craze really did take over and create a resurgence in people wanting to interact with Pokemon again, in a way that everyone has always wanted to in actually becoming trainers and catching them all, essentially becoming part of the story. You may find this article interesting as it talks a bit more about Pokemon and storytelling

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