it’s all in the font- memetic warfare and propaganda

Since the rise of emergent media, the dynamic of propaganda has been completely changed, as anyone can share their thoughts to a wide audience online. This lead to memetic warfare, a ‘digital native’ version of psychological warfare. The #DraftOurDaughters campaign, created by 4chan users, is an example of how strong of an impact a fake political campaign can have on online communities, as participants collaborated anonymously in order to improve, spread and develop the campaign in order for it to become more realistic, convincing and effective.

What stood out to me as the main reason that this movement was so successful was the constant feedback loop that users were using to comment on other’s campaign posters. People would suggest improvements through better slogans, image use and graphics, as specific as fonts, colours and opacity. This specification resulted in a seamless campaign, dramatically improvising its legitimacy.

With this in mind, I created my own propaganda poster on a much less political scale, re-creating a McDonalds ad in order to express the actual reason people get Maccas is not because of the taste or pleasure, but because of the convenience, no matter how bored and sick of the food customers (like me) are. To improve effectiveness, I ensured I was using an accurate font and kept close to the original slogan.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 3.47.22 pm


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