many to many- niche journalism on the internet

Since the progression from legacy media to the internet, the way we consume and share news has moved from a one-to-many to a many-to-many structure, as the development of the internet changed the media/ audience relationship. The internet has become a place where everyone produces media, creating what is known as produsage, a term coined by Axel Bruns, as anyone can produce anything and broadcast it online to a large audience.  Media created by the produser is improved and build upon by the continuous collaboration of people with similar interests, not only does this result in improved content, but also results in the development of micro communities on the internet, which work together to share and discuss information and news on the topics they care about. Not only has this resulted in in-depth discussion about the current major issues in the world today but has given people a place to share their interest on topics that would never make news headlines. This lead me to create this meme highlighting how tempting it is to take part in these groups.


I’ve given this the name niche journalism and one of the most extreme case of this occurrence on the internet is the One Direction fandom. Admittedly, my guiltiest pleasure back in the day was owning a One Direction fan twitter. What I noticed about this online community was just how much power they had, through working together, “update accounts” were able to do things such as find out what hotel the boys were staying, how to locate them in order to meet them, no matter how secretive and secure they were, and even leak songs before the release date. None of this would be possible without the internet and the active collaboration between these users.

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