“I’m not sure I understand” – Siri’s place in technology

Siri is one of the most well-known leaders in the development of the AI, or artificial intelligence-type software. It is a form of convergence that combines the computer with the friend, resulting in a voice you can speak to that can obtain information for you almost immediately. As good as this sounds, this tool is not convenient and easy in practical situations. I can’t name a single person in my social circle who uses Siri un-ironically.

When I say un-ironically, I mean the only time I’ve really seen Siri actually being used is when people play around with her with intentions to confuse her or in order to get a non-serious answer from her. This results in uncovering common easter eggs prompted when asking her a certain question, or a flood of “I’m not sure I understand” and “But I could search the web for it”. These glitches have separated Siri from her intended purpose and turned her into a novelty.

Similar to Siri is the Amazon Echo Plus, which is a home hub which takes commands such as turning on lights and other appliances. As impressive and high-tech the system is, I struggle to find the practicality in it. Even if the machine manages to hear you correctly, the time it takes to process the command wouldn’t be much faster if you were to do it manually.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.58.51 pm

Ice Cream Sandwich Comics

Being critical of these digital presences begs the question: should people stop trying to develop this almost useless software and redirect these ideas elsewhere towards something with more potential?

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