suit & tie- the Medium is the Message

As Marshall McLuhan states, the medium is the message. Clothing is one medium which has a clear message and facilitates an information exchange. What people wear is one of the first things that leaves an impression on someone meeting you and is a form of self-expression and a compulsory factor in social life. Clothing is representational, it sends out a message about the person, including their intentions and lifestyle, as these factors change, the clothes a person wears might. A clear example: people wearing suits are more likely to be taken seriously and listened to, the same dynamic as a lecture theatre, where being in that environment automatically prepares us to listen inventively.


Chandler from my all-time favourite show Friends demonstrates one of the most dramatic character developments I have ever seen in a TV show. In earlier seasons he is stuck in a dead-end job and struggling to commit; by the end of the series he is navigating his dream career, married and becoming a father. This development is hard to see over the ten years, but visually comparing his character from start to finish it becomes obvious, as this show represents how as time passes, some things change, and some stay the same.

5 thoughts on “suit & tie- the Medium is the Message

  1. A great use of example with clothing, however as you stated someone who wears a suit is taken more serious then someone who doesn’t. Why is that though? Anyone can grab a suit jacket and tie and put it on, doesn’t mean they are serious it could just be a ploy. What’s to say that someone who wears jeans and a shirt can’t be taken serious. Your blog post is very good because it allows the audience to believe well maybe that’s true or for some to try and prove that wrong.


  2. With such a small word limit you have done a great job in regards to explaining effectively the medium is the message. Clothing was a great example which you had successfully correlated to the television show FRIENDS. Chandler was a great character to have focused on, as he starts off the show all laid back and by the end of the show he has a career and professional. Overall, your writing is very formal and easy to understand and i love how easy it is to navigate your blog. Great job.


  3. With barely any space to explain your topic and with emphasis on the medium being the main focus using Clothing as an analogy to explain the medium is the message is the perfect fit. Using social context of the choice of clothing is a great idea especially to your audience reading who can come up with their own thoughts and conceptions on the medium is the message.


  4. I like how you used clothing as an example; it made it a lot easier to understand the medium is the message. I definitely agree that clothing is something that says a lot about people, ergo the medium (clothing) is the message. I wish the post could have been longer even though you explained it so well in so little words. Good luck for future posts.


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