a matter of opinion

One of the major roadblocks I face in my creative processes which prevents me from developing and producing my work is my hesitation and fear of failure. I sometimes work under the flawed idea that I can create something perfect in one try. This attitude is counterproductive and unrealistic as I learn the fastest by making mistakes. So now, I’m going to aim to fail, early and often. As this is a mindset for success in creating a digital artefact, I’m going to begin experimenting with an idea I’ve had in my head for a week or so and see if it could work.

Have you ever seen a post or thread of “unpopular opinions” on social media in which the statement is… well… actually a very common opinion, which you and many other people would agree with rather than oppose? I’ve ran into these posts countless amounts of times, especially on Twitter and Facebook. To bring light to these “unpopular” opinions and proving that they possibly aren’t uncommon I decided to search the internet for as many unpopular options as I could find and place them into an anonymous twitter poll, asking users to either agree or disagree with the statements.



This could potentially be an interesting exploration of the dynamic of the public sharing their thoughts on social media and go deeper into the idea that we may think our opinions, experiences and morals are not as isolated from others than we think. However, there is risk and challenges in creating this twitter page. Considering I’m sourcing a lot of the content from Facebook and posting these statements on Twitter, this could mean a switch in audience could cause a shift in the overall attitudes of the audience, as I’ve noticed there is a noticeable difference in how people discuss current issues within society on these two platforms. A challenge will also be promoting the page in order to get enough traffic to vote on the polls in order to develop a large enough sample. I hope I can explore issues such as these and others that haven’t even been brought to light soon in order to start developing, adjusting or even scrapping this idea. I never thought I would say this but, I’m excited for all the failures to come.

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