self-confessed wi-fi thief

Many, many years ago before my house had Wi-Fi I received my first iPod, it was a 3rd generation touch, no camera, pretty crappy display, certainly no Siri, but the device filled me with endless hours of entertainment. This was when I discovered that my next-door neighbour’s Wi-Fi was unlocked, so of course, with the desperation of wanting to play games like Shopping Mall Simulator which required an online connection, I every now and then used this free Wi-Fi to fulfil my gaming desires. The catch? The only room in the house this Wi-Fi reached was the bathroom.


Flash-forward to now and my house has its own (locked) Wi-Fi and I own an iPhone 6. Even though this phone is also becoming outdated, the features on it are a clear demonstration of how our entire world is becoming digital. This small device that fits in my pocket is a combination of so many previously analogue items which both assist and entertain including: social networks, calculators, photo albums, games, telephones, web browsers, cameras, video recorders, text messengers, emails, GPS, music library, calendar and video players.

The development of our technological tools, such as phones and computers has resulted in a growth of online production. Moving away from passive consumption of media, we now all have the opportunity to create content that we care about. The internet has become a space where we can post, discuss, express, create and discover. And it’s a never-ending thrill to see what people come up with.

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