Overwhelmed- an introduction


My name is Emma and I’m overwhelmed. I know that seems like a pretty bold introduction, however it is true that I’m going through the biggest adjustment I have experienced since my first day of high school, when we were all a foot or two shorter and our backpacks were larger than our bodies.

I’m only one week into the commencement of my double degree (Creative Arts and Communication and Media Studies) and I’m already so far out of my creative and personal comfort zone. So why am I here?

I was reminded of the answer when I was googling the audio editing software I needed to download for my visual arts foundation subject. As I typed in the word audacity the web instantly loaded a simple definition of the word: “a willingness to take bold risks”. Taking risks is something I formerly hated, but have learnt to embrace, and the past few months have been full of them. The outcome of risks (of course ones that don’t hurt anyone) can be wonderful as you leave your comfort zone and grow as a person. Starting university is definitely a risk as I’m thrown into the deep end and forced to be independent and challenged to be the most creative person possible.

One of the main motivators and inspirations behind my creative work is definitely the media. The past few years I’ve have watched it develop into a supportive, abundant place where we can openly share and encourage our work. This community has driven me to change and enhance my practice and it’s a world I want to develop a deeper connection with, further increasing my knowledge of the media and ways we communicate. So through all of the risks, the early mornings and cups of coffee I’m excited to learn more about this ever-changing world, and to meet bright-minded people on the way.

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